Wireless Security

Connectivity anytime and anywhere has become commonplace. Free WIFI access is available almost everywhere, as all sectors have made it easier to gain internet access. We have internet access in the buses, malls, hotels, and soon even most public places.

The idea is good however, what assurance do we have that the channels carrying our information is secure and free from threats? While being wireless has many advantages, you need to ensure your system is safe and secure. Both Aruba and Palo Alto have solutions that offer strong connectivity and protection from all threats. Aruba knows that and leverages known and trusted information to customize what goes in and out of your network. If for example, your establishment offers wireless connectivity, this solution strengthens the signal of connection and protection from external networks.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks partners with wireless network infrastructure providers to utilize the user and device information provided as the user associates to an access point. The wireless infrastructure controls the authentication, and the next-generation firewall applies policy based on the context of application, user, content, and device.




Aruba Wireless Security

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise wireless LAN solutions empower a new generation of mobile users who rely on their devices for every aspect of communication.






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